Higher educated students with a DUO loan are welcome to join the intensive courses. We have a few tips for you to help you on your way:

  • If you find it difficult to complete this form, please consult your contact person at VWN or ask for help from a Dutch person. Keep in mind that we expect students to understand English and are able to work with a computer well, independently as the online learning environment of the book Code+ and use of Google drive for handing in writing assignments is a substantial part of the self study. 

  • Double Dutch Haarlem is a very small school and lessons of different levels only start 1-2 times a year. There are only 7-8 students/places in a course, so courses are usually full quickly. Please make sure to plan ahead and to enroll in time to make sure you have a place in one of our courses. We work on a first come, first serve basis. 

  • Please check your calendar well before completing this form to ensure you will not have to miss classes. 

  • To know which level you should enter, please take this test and choose 'beginner/halfgevorderd/gevorderd'. If in doubt, please contact us. 

  • Please choose the right level of course for you. understand that there is no shortcut: you need a proper foundation (A1) before you can build the next floor on the house (A2) and the next floor (B1), etc. Skipping a level will in most cases not benefit you nor the group. When in doubt, please contact us and we're happy to help. 

  •  Due to the small scale of our school, It is not possible to make appointments/do intakes before enrollment. 

  • After we've received your enrollment form, we will contact you within a few days to confirm your enrollment. When paying via DUO, we will then send you a course contract by e-mail. Only when we've received a completed & signed course contract back from you, your place in the course is confirmed. 

  • We hope you'll find the right course for you and start learning Dutch soon.