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Deze cursus kan niet meer worden geboekt.

A0-A1 • Tuesday evening

1 x pwk • off line • book: Nederlands in Gang • chapters 1-9

  • Begonnen op 17 jan.
  • This course is in our classroom at the Drosteboulevard 7, Haarlem


Taking the first step to reaching A1 level? Are you a beginner or beginner+? Planning to pass your inburgeringsexamen? This is the perfect, first step, 1x per week course for you! Small group and a VERY experienced teacher Kim Dessing. 1x per week 2 uur group lessons • 15 lessons Small group of 4-7 students. When: Tuesday 19:30-21:30 Start: 17th January '23 Finish: 23rd May '23 (+ one week in case of unforeseen circumstances) There is no class on the following dates: 28th February, 21st March, 25th April & 2nd May Location: This course is in our classroom at the Drosteboulevard 7, Haarlem This course is for students who: • are highly educated (college/university level) • understand English • have the have the ability, will and discipline to study independently • can work with a computer and a dictionary • are a beginner or a beginner+ and can pick up languages quite quickly.(1x per week classes is not a lot, the outcome of this course largely depends on how much time you spend on learning Dutch outside the classroom), • have a computer & internet. Teacher: Kim Dessing Self study: At least the same amount of hours per class per week 2+ hours (depending on the student). Cost: €16,50 ppph x 30 hrs group lessons + reader = €520,- (excl. book) (payment in full prior to the start of the course) Including: reader (syllabus) *Payment via DUO: €18,- per hr = €613,50 (including reader + book) Book: Nederlands in Gang | €48,50 - ISBN: 9789046905609, edition 02-08-2017. It's the red/green book. This book has 18 chapters and you will cover the first half of the book: 1-9 Link to have a look at/buy this book: ( has it as well) More about the course: In this course you will start learning Dutch in a small group of fellow beginners and you'll focus on conversation in an interactive environment and yes, you'll get lots of homework :-D. If you prepare well for each lesson, it will greatly benefit you & your fellow students in improving your Dutch. It's just once a week, which means: low cost, high effort*. 80% you'll learn outside the class room anyways, no matter the frequency/intensity of any course. So, with the right mindset and motivation, you'll be achieving your A1 goal in 15 weeks! This course is also suitable as part 1 (of 2), for the inburgeringsexamen/civil integration exam, for which the required level is A2* (for this, you'll also need the subsequent course, A1-A2).


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