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A1 - A2 • Monday and Wednesday

offline • 2x pwk • LINK+ • Chapters 6-20

  • Begint 16 sep.
  • Schagchelstraat 15, Haarlem

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Classes in a small group, high pace, at our beautiful 'gezellige' class room in the city center of Haarlem! Do you know a bit of Dutch? Do you want to take the big step all the way towards A2? Great! This is the perfect intensive course for you. VERY suitable if you want to learn Dutch well & thoroughly. >>> This course is suitable for beginners+ or on their way to A2. The course starts at chapter 6 of the book/website LINK+. You'll need to prepare chapters 1-5 of the book yourself as a preparation for this course. <<< Location: Schagchelstraat 15zw, Haarlem 2x per week 2,5 hour group lessons • 34 lessons Small group of 5-9 students (minimum participation of 5 people) Teacher: Valerie Van Den Hende Monday and Wednesday 9:00-11:30 Start: September 16, 2024 End: January 29, 2025 * plus one week in case of unforeseen circumstances* *No class on the following dates: 28, 30 October, 23, 25, 30 December 2024 and 1 January 2025* Goal: complete A2 This course is for students who: - are beginner+ (you're well on your way towards A2) - are higher educated (studied at hbo-/ university level) - understand English, can work with a computer and a dictionary - have the ability, will and discipline to study independently - have their own computer and internet for homework. Preparation: Chapters 1-5 (in the book and online) before the start of the course Self study: ± 15-20 hours per week, depending on your level Book: LINK+ book & online license €89,- You can order it here: Costs: €18,- per hr x 34 x 2,5 hrs group lessons Total: €1530,- (excl. book/online license) Total: €1619,- (incl. book/online license) If you are paying via DUO, we will order the book for you. If you are paying for the course yourself, the book is not included in the course price and you will need to buy it yourself. You can google the ISBN number and buy it from various sites. Some examples of students for whom this course would be suitable: • You’ve learned a lot of Dutch through work/partner/family • You’ve recently, successfully taken the A1-exam at the Dutch embassy abroad (and still have this level!) • You’ve taken an A1-course and would like to repeat the course to strengthen your A2-level • You've studied Dutch with Taalcompleet A1/A2 (in the AZC) and you feel you want to make your basis of A2 stronger. General terms and conditions are applicable.


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