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A1-A2 • semi-intensive • DelftMethodPLUS

2 x pwk online class • focus on conversation • study load: ±10 hrs pwk

  • Begonnen 4 jan.
  • Deze cursus is online via Zoom


UPDATE 18 NOVEMBER 21: Deze cursus is vol. Er is nog wel plaats in de cursus die op 11 januari start. This is a very efficient course. You'll work with the 'Delftse Methode'. It's a unique, conversation focussed approach where you'll study a text thoroughly before each class. In each lesson, you'll focus on conversation about this text and put it to practice in actual conversation. It's amazing to discover what you're able to do each class and are empowered to actively participate in a conversation. It's important to know you can only actively, successfully participate in each class if you've prepared it well. It'll be a very rewarding adventure when you do! Small group of 4-8 students! 23 lessons of 90 minutes • 2x pwk ±60 minute focus on conversation, 30 minutes Q&A, grammar and engaging exercises Tuesday & Thursday 12.00-13.30 4 January '22 - 29 March '22 (+ one week in case of unforeseen circumstances) No class during the holiday 'voorjaarsvakantie' week 9 (28 feb - 4 maart '22) Location: 100% online via Zoom Teacher: Mandy de Waal Mandy is a passionate, fully certified and experienced teacher with a specialisation in the Delft Method. Mandy also works as a Dutch teacher for the Leiden University. Book: Delftse Methode (A0 > A2) Nederlands voor buitenlanders • green book Chapters: 22-42 (this equals level A2) Cost: €17,50 pppu x 34,5 uur = €603,75 (ex books!) Excluding books: €73,- tekstboek + online (isbn: 9789024422388) Optional for self study: oefenboek €39,- (isbn: 9789024423132) Total incl. books & online license = €715,75 This course is designed for students who: - Have a firm level of A1! (this level is much higher than the 'basisexamen inburgering') You'll need to have completed an A1 course for higher educated successfully. - have completed secondary education (pre-vocational, senior general secondary education or pre-university education) - have completed or are taking further education at an institution of basic vocational training (MBO), professionally-oriented education (HBO) or academic higher education (WO) Study load: ± 10 hrs per week total, of which: Self study: ± 8 hrs per week, minimum of ±3 uur preparation before each lesson! Live online class: 3 hrs per week For more info about the Delft Method: https://www.nt2.nl/en/lesmateriaal/beginners/delftse_methode/101-52_Nederlands-voor-buitenlanders-5de-herziene-editie General terms and conditions apply.


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