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Beginners+ to A1 • 2 x pwk • 50% online*

Tuesday & Friday mornings • books: Code+ & Klare Taal • 50% off line*

  • Begonnen 18 jan.
  • This course is 50% off line if possible. If we must, fully online.


Planning to pass your inburgeringsexamen, or working towards the Staatsexamen 1 or 2? Do you already know some Dutch? This is the perfect fast & intensive 2x per week course for you! Small group of students (4-8) and a VERY passionate, experienced teacher, Maria van Nouhuys. In this intensive course you will focus on conversation in an interactive environment and yes, you'll get lots of homework. If you'll prepare each lesson well, it will benefit you & your fellow students greatly improving your Dutch. Small groups of 4-8 students. 2x per week • 2,5 hour 21 lessons Tuesday 09:30-12:00 (online via Zoom) Friday 09:00-11:30 (class room > if allowed!) Start: 18 January 2022 Finish: 5 April 2022 (+ 1 week in case of unforeseen circumstances) No class during school holiday 19-27 February '22. Books: Code+ deel 1 (A0-A1) developed & used @ Vrije Universiteit & Universiteit van Amsterdam Klare Taal (for grammar reference & self study) Syllabus/reader (included in course fee) Location: Schagchelstraat 15 Haarlem + Thursdays online via Zoom Tuesday & Friday will be in the class room as much as possible, unless new regulations require us to move back online. Students invited: Who are higher educated, understand English, who have the ability, will and discipline to study independently, can work with a computer and a dictionary. This course is also suitable for students who are preparing for the inburgeringsexamen/civil integration exam, for which the required level is A2. Self study: At least 10-15 hours per week, depending on your level and talent for language learning. Preparation: You need to prepare & study chapter 1 in the book & online This is a fast course that will take off flying and starts with chapter 2. We won't bore you with the alfabet, numbers and basic introductions ("Hallo, ik ben ...") because you've got this. :-) €15 per hr x 52,5 hours group lessons + syllabus €25 = €812,50 * (payment in full prior to the start of the course) Excluding: Book 'Code+ deel 1 A0-A1' (isbn 9789006978308) Klare Taal €48,- (isbn 9789085062585) *Payment via DUO is €17,50 per hour = €1036,75 (incl. books + reader) Including: use of studying materials, coffee & tea General terms and conditions apply. Cancellation is possible up to 4 weeks prior to the start of the course.


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