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  • To study at Double Dutch Haarlem and have us send the invoice to your company, you need to have permission from your company. 

  • You are able to complete this form: keep in mind that we expect students to understand English and be able to work with a computer well & independently. Courses require a lot of online homework. Use of e-mail & Google Drive for handing in writing assignments is a substantial part of the program.

  • You have good internet at home and a computer/laptop. If you don't have this, you are able to spend sufficient time in the (Haarlem) library to use the computers there (this is free of charge). 

  • Double Dutch Haarlem is a very small school and lessons of different levels start 1-2 times a year. There is only room for 4-9 students per group, so courses are usually booked out quickly. Please make sure to plan ahead and to enroll in time to make sure you have a place in one of our courses. We work on a first come, first serve basis. 

  • Please check your calendar well to ensure you will not have to miss classes and you are able to do sufficient homework for each class. Keep in mind that each class requires a substantial amount of self study, outside classes (2-20 hours per week on average, depending on the course you choose). 

  • Your personal situation, like your health, child care, housing & family situation are important succes factors. When you choose a course, be sure you are able to commit to the course requirements. 

  • We value the quality of small groups. Your place will be reserved for the full course and can later not be given to another student. Please join a course with us, if you're certain you will join the full course of your choosing. Booking a course means your entire course will be paid for by your company. It's important this is a good investment of time & money. 

  • To know which level you should enter, we need your previous certificates/background information on how you've learned Dutch. Please have this at hand when completing this form. 

  • We assume you're a highly educated and motivated student and you've already learned some Dutch before arriving at this form. For example by self study through internet/library, etc.

  • If you have done any previous courses, please have ready; any previous test results; course info; the books you've worked with, incl. until which chapter. 

  • Please help us choose the right level course for you. Understand that there is no shortcut: you need a proper foundation of A1, before you can build the next floor on the house (A2) and the next... Skipping a level will in most cases not benefit you nor the group. We will help you with advice, but it's valuable to hear your ideas as well. So have a look at our website to see what courses are available to get an idea of a possible path you'd like to take. 

  • After we've received your enrollment form, we will contact you asap. We will communicate in Dutch or English. 

  • If you don't have a taalcoach yet, please refer to point 3 at Try to sign up at as many taalcoach organizations as possible, as the waitlists are generally quite long. 

  • If necessary (e.g. pandemic), all our courses will commence online via Zoom. Also online, we work with small groups of 4-9 students with fully certified, experienced & digitally skilled teachers.

  • Use your time well and continue learning Dutch today with our tips from:

  • Please help us by filing this form as accurately & thoroughly as possible. We have included some Dutch & where we think you need it, added English for your convenience. 

  • We hope to have the right course for you and we can help you further on your way to a successful life in the Netherlands!

Dankjewel voor het invullen en tot snel! 

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