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A0-A1 • Tuesday evenings

offline • 1 x pwk • Nederlands in Gang • chapters 2-9

  • Begonnen op 28 mei
  • Drosteboulevard 7, Haarlem


Taking the first step to reaching A1 level? Are you a beginner or beginner+? Planning to pass your inburgeringsexamen? This is the perfect, first step, 1x per week course for you! Small group and a VERY experienced teacher. Location: This course is in our classroom at the Drosteboulevard 7, Haarlem 1x per week 2 uur group lessons • 13 lessons Small group of 5-7 students. (minimum participation of 5 people) Teacher: Kim Dessing When: Tuesday 19:30-21:30 Start: May 28, 2024 Finish: August 27, 2024 (+ one week in case of unforeseen circumstances) There is no class on the following dates: June 30 till July 5, 2024 This course is for students who: • are highly educated (college/university level) • understand English • have the have the ability, will and discipline to study independently • can work with a computer and a dictionary • are a beginner or a beginner+ and can pick up languages quite quickly.(1x per week classes is not a lot, the outcome of this course largely depends on how much time you spend on learning Dutch outside the classroom) • have a computer & internet. Preparation: Chapter 1 (in the book and online) before the start of the course Self study: At least the same amount of hours per class per week 2+ hours (depending on the student). Book: Nederlands in Gang | €48,50 - ISBN: 9789046905609, edition 02-08-2017. This book has 18 chapters and you will cover the first half of the book: 2-9 Link to have a look at this book: Cost: €18 per hr x 13 x 2 hrs group lessons: Total: €493,- (excl. book, incl. reader) Including: reader (syllabus) €25,- (payment in full prior to the start of the course) Payment via DUO: €18,- per hr x 13 x 2 hrs group lessons: Total: €541,50 (incl. book + reader) More about the course: In this course you will start learning Dutch in a small group of fellow beginners and you'll focus on conversation in an interactive environment and yes, you'll get lots of homework. If you prepare well for each lesson, it will greatly benefit you & your fellow students in improving your Dutch. It's just once a week, which means: low cost, high effort*. 80% you'll learn outside the class room anyways, no matter the frequency/intensity of any course. This course is also suitable as part 1 (of 2), for the inburgeringsexamen/civil integration exam, for which the required level is A2 (for this, you'll need the subsequent course, A1-A2).


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